Outdoor Fireworks

Each display we design is designed in the European Style of Master Pyrotechnics. What this will mean for your display is that the choreography is not only focused on the shells colour themes but also on the symmetry, break size and burn rates of each individual shell.

Our themes use the full spectrum of colour. We use Primary, Secondary, Metallic and Pastel shades to create palettes in the sky of monochromatic and complementary tones. We choreograph our displays using our many colour themes combined with the different shell effects taking into account the shell size, break size and burn rate of each shell. This technique creates a musical dance in the sky, taking the spectator on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, turns and bends never knowing what is around the corner. The thrill of fireworks is in the surprise of what magical event will happen next, themes ever changing never repetitive.

RedBoss® uses an assortment of shells; all shells used are first quality shells. First quality shells consist of the very best in: lift height, vivid colours, unusual colours, unique designs, canopy size, percussion level and longevity of burn rate.

A RedBoss® fireworks display package includes labour, delivery, setup, site plan, ground specification, cleanup, liaison with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, City Officials and liability insurance consisting of five-million dollars.