Reputation, Quality, Service and Performance.

Reputation ~ Each event at RedBoss® is treated as a once in a lifetime experience and attention is given to each and every small detail. A federally licensed pyrotechnician will handle your event from start to finish, from the initial review of the proposed site to the clean up after the performance. Each performance is uniquely designed to dazzle and amaze your spectators with extreme detail to safety. RedBoss® has an impeccable 52 year safety record.

Quality ~ RedBoss® use state of the art hardware and software in design development and execution of every pyrotechnical display. (pic 30 & 49) Our team chooses only the highest quality products available from all of our distributors. Our team tests and evaluates each individual product before we purchase and the evaluation process is ongoing as long as the product remains in our system.

Service ~ RedBoss® services include Outdoor Firework Displays, Pyromusical/Multimedia Events, Indoor Pyrotechnics and Special Effects, Theatrical Effects, Fire writing of names and Corporate Logos as well as the Retail and Wholesale of Consumer Fireworks. The RedBoss® team remains available to you throughout your event from its conception until the successful completion of your performance.

Performance ~ The RedBoss® Creative team will work with you to develop and produce your display, we will work as your liaison to the local fire department, city officials or coast guard to obtain all required fireworks permits, regardless of where you plan to stage your event.


RedBoss® Pyrotechnicians Incorporated proudly boasts three generations of Pyrotechnical enthusiasm.

Our key technician Micheal Biancaniello has over twenty five years experience and is classically trained in the European Style of Master Pyrotechnics.

Ralph Biancaniello, our Technical Advisor was one of the first federally licensed fireworks supervisors in Canada, 1973.

Ralph was awarded with a Life Time Achievement Award for Excellence in the Fireworks Industry by Hands Fireworks Inc. in 1996.



A Sampling of our History in Pictures: (Redboss® Pyrotechnicians Inc. and the Biancaniello Family)